A Nice Footwear Rendering Tutorial

This is a great tutorial that I used to practice my own renderings, which can be found in Projects>01. Try it yourself!

From Michael DiTullo: “Below is a quick demo from some simple inspiration images to a presentation rendering. I don’t normally do fashion footwear, but I thought it would be a fun way to quickly show a clean process. Total time from image gathering, to signature on the presentation board was about 4 hours.”

About Michael DiTullo: “As Chief Design Officer of DEI Holdings,  Michael DiTullo is passionate advocate as well as experienced practitioner of design. In addition to his work at DEI he is a contributor for the well-known design resource, Core77.com. He lectures at corporations, universities, and conferences on the effect, value, and how too’s of design. Prior to DEI Michael was Creative Director at the legendary frog design, where he lead teams that worked with Google, Motorola, Honda, Braun, Brooks, Harmon Kardon, and Intel. Before frog DiTullo spent nearly a decade developing several product collections at Nike Inc for the Converse, Jordan, and Nike brands, from advanced concept to production. He started his career at Evo Design where he worked for a wide array of clients. DiTullo holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and also studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work has garnered international awards and has been featured in many media outlets and publications.”

Check out the tutorial here!