Shapeways — the Etsy of 3D Printing

From c|net: “The 3D printing movement is well under way — albeit with some hype built in — and Shapeways, a marketplace where people can design, create, and sell their own products, is leading the charge.

“Shapeways, sometimes known as the Etsy for 3D printing, now has 10,000 “shop owners” — people who have designed products, from iPhone cases to jewelry and shoes, that they print out and sell via Shapeways. The New York-based company is building out its recently opened 3D printing factory in the Queens borough of New York City, where its printers are cranking out roughly 1,000 products a day. By the end of the year, co-founder and CEO Peter Weijmarshausen said that he expects to be printing products a rate of 2 million to 3 million a year.”

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