Materialise Launches TPU 92A-1

From 3D Printing Industry: “Following discussions with its clients, Materialise, the Belgian-based 3D printing company, has officially introduced a new, highly flexible and durable material for 3D Printing. Even though it doesn’t have a particularly inspiring, or even interesting, name — it’s called TPU 92A-1 — it’s definitely worth taking note. Particularly designers and engineers, some of whom have apparently been challenging Materialise to come up with a flexible 3D Printing material that is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of an end-use product for a while. The response from Materialise is TPU 92A-1, developers at the company have been working on this for a while. And I’ve heard that, prior to launch, in an impromptu test to see how good it actually was – a couple of Materialise peeps were dragging each other around the floor with it and it didn’t tear!”

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