Imaginary Forces’ “Hand-Drawn” Style

From Studio Daily: “Imaginary Forces has worked on many Nike projects over the years. But the CG animation they created for the company’s new running shoe, the Nike LunarEclipse+ 2, stands out as something different. While Nike’s creative brief outlined a spot that would use the stride of a runner to showcase the shoe’s Dynamic Fit technology in a simple way, it was up to the Imaginary Forces team to come up with a look and an arc for the story.

“’We decided on a hand-drawn style for the animation, which I think got us the job, in a way,” recalls Charles Khoury, who directed the spot and led the Imaginary Forces team on the project. “There’s something about the quality of the lines that make things look more personable and emotional than they would with a CG-rendered foot.’”

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